Residential Group Homes for Children

Our Residential Group Care programs are highly supportive, individualized and flexible. We provide residential group homes for children where treatment services occur in home-like settings. Dedicated professionals, guardians, community members, and school personnel are all involved in the program.

Children in our residential group homes are expected to attend school and participate in suitable recreational and social activities. Our Specialized Therapeutic Group Care (Libra Program) is designed to give children the help and support that they need to achieve success.

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Residential Group Care Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy is based on a resiliency model in conjunction with a Trauma Informed Care clinical approach. Our staff members are highly trained to focus on children’s strengths and create a positive peer culture that will help each child develop increased confidence and independence. Our behavior management system and environment reinforce positive change and promote leadership skills, all while providing a safe setting to learn and develop new coping techniques and behaviors.

We work with each child in our residential group homes toward:

  • Improving overall emotional well-being
  • Increasing their ability to manage and engage in the community
  • Increasing the likelihood of a successful transition to family or a less restrictive setting
  • Increasing their capacity for independent living

Clinical Services Provided in Our Residential Group Homes

As part of our Residential Group Care programs, we provide a variety of clinical services for the children to help them achieve success. These services include:

  • Psychiatric, nursing, case management, independent living, therapeutic supervision and direct clinical interventions
  • Implementation of a strength-based, cognitive behavioral and solution-focused approach to treatment planning
  • Development and assessment of safety planning
  • Assessment and referral services for substance abuse- specific treatment needs
  • Oversight and monitoring of family visitation services
  • Provision of treatment modalities that include individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and/or sibling therapy

About Therapy

Our therapists function as environment therapists to provide natural setting feedback and guidance to our direct care staff in support of each resident’s daily goals. They also provide regular conflict resolution and crisis management support, with a specialized treatment focus on the following areas:

  • Grief and loss
  • Separation issues
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Trauma history (victim/perpetrator)
  • Social skills building
  • Anger management
  • Coping skills
  • Delinquency behaviors
  • Empathy skills building
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