Family Violence Prevention Services: SafetyNet

Comprehensive and operating year-round, HomeSafe’s SafetyNet program provides immediate intervention and prevention services to victims of domestic violence and their children.

Through an array of intensive therapeutic and support services, crisis intervention, and individual and group therapy, SafetyNet helps victims take control of their lives to secure a safer, more productive future. The program also helps prevent future cases of domestic violence by working to break the cycle of abuse for future generations.

SafetyNet staff possesses more than 90 years of experience helping victims of violence.

SafetyNet services, provided in both English and Spanish, include:

  • Crisis intervention, safety planning and assessment of family needs
  • Linkages with shelters, relocation and/or other community resources
  • Therapeutic support groups for adult victims, their teens and young children
  • Individual therapy for adult victims and their children
  • Support and advocacy in dealing with the criminal justice system – such as court appearances, restraining orders and other criminal justice-related issues
  • Assistance with Victims’ Compensation claims and Address Confidentiality program
  • Collaboration with the State Attorney’s Office to ensure that batterers are held accountable for their crimes
  • Free childcare available for children (under sixyearsold) during group sessions
  • Free meals for children prior to group sessions
  • Free local transportation (limited availability)

Contact HomeSafe or Contact Brian McCarey, LCSW, SafetyNet supervisor at 561-383-9800, x1240 or to learn more about our SafetyNet program.

For additional help and support, our Resources for Getting Help is a great place to start.





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