At age 14, David was removed from his mother’s care after authorities learned that he and his younger brother had been having sexual relations with each other for many years. David’s mother was charged with inadequate supervision. Authorities tried to figure out how David learned his behaviors at such a young age and uncovered that his mother had been dating a sexual predator. It was also discovered that a friend of David’s father had exposed David to pornography. All this led to David’s behavioral issues.

He was placed in a foster home. But shortly after, the family asked that he be removed due to his poor behavior. David was then placed at HomeSafe.

After a year in HomeSafe’s Residential Group Care program, it was obvious David had made progress in healing. He worked through past trauma and was able to reconnect with his younger brother to apologize. Despite his progress, his mother would not take him back into her home, fearing that she would not be able to protect the younger siblings. David’s father also surrendered his parental rights.

Despite these setbacks, David has not given up hope. He has completed 95 percent of his treatment plan, and his behavior has improved by leaps and bounds. As a result, David will be able to leave HomeSafe and move into a foster home.




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