Julie was 3 years old when her mother died in a car accident, and she was placed in her father’s care. Not long after, it became known that Julie’s father was sexually abusing her and was allowing other men to come into the home and molest her as well. Her siblings were also being sexually abused.

Julie was removed and placed in a foster home. After two years, she was reunited with her siblings when their maternal grandmother took custody of all of them. Sadly, Julie didn’t stay there for long. Her grandmother started physically abusing her to the point where she had noticeable lacerations on her arms. It seemed as though the grandmother only targeted Julie, so she was removed from the home, and her siblings stayed.

Julie was placed in another foster home, but it was not a good fit. After a short time, she was transferred to Sandy Pines, a secured residential program. After a few months, Julie was able to step down and transfer to the HomeSafe Residential Program, where she has been doing great!

Julie’s consistent good behavior has led to her becoming a role model for the other girls in the group home. She has completed most of her treatment plan and is doing so well that she is going to be placed in a less restrictive setting, such as a transitional home or foster home with outpatient services.