At 10 years old, Natalie had experienced so much more than most kids her age. Her dad had sexually abused her, gotten her pregnant and then kicked her in the stomach to cause a miscarriage. Shortly after that, Natalie’s father overdosed and died.

Natalie was placed in her mother’s care, and during that time was hospitalized for several suicide attempts. Although she was given medication and services, her mother never followed through with them and she never received the long-term help she needed.

In 2015, her mother was diagnosed with leukemia. One day, Natalie found her mother trying to overdose on her medication and called 911. A few days later, Natalie also tried to commit suicide and ended up in the hospital with her mother. When Natalie was discharged, no one was willing to pick her up, so she was abandoned there.

Natalie was taken to Sandy Pines Residential Treatment Center, where for 10 months, she had intensive care and therapy before stepping down to HomeSafe’s Residential Group Care program. Thankfully, she has been doing well since she arrived at HomeSafe. She’s exhibiting good behavior and has been excelling in her schoolwork. She has already completed more than 80 percent of her treatment plan and will soon transition to a lower level of care.