Tamara is a 31-year-old female who was a victim of domestic violence by her youngest child’s father. She also has an older child with autism.

Tamara was referred to SafetyNet through HomeSafe’s Healthy Beginnings Program. She was an enthusiastic participant in the weekly adult therapeutic support group. She entered the program afraid for her future after being brutally attacked. However, during her time in the program, she learned a variety of ways to remain safe. She was able to process her feelings about the abuse, and learned how to make healthier choices.

Tamara was provided with numerous financial resources from SafetyNet including a large basket of food to feed her and her two growing boys.

Tamara graduated the program as a leader of the group, and her positive spirit spread to the other women. She works full-time and has gone back to school. Her future plans are to run her own daycare center. Tamara remains “violence free” and stated upon graduation that she plans to stay that way.