HomeSafe operates five Specialized Therapeutic Group Care (STGC) homes, comprised of 44 beds for children and adolescents (ages 7 through 17) suffering from moderate to severe emotional diagnoses. Group care services are offered in intensive community-based licensed residences. These services are appropriate for children requiring more intensive community-based treatment or for those ready to “step down” from more restrictive residential treatment programs.

Services are designed to provide a therapeutic framework of daily living. The goal of STGC is to maximize strengths and reduce behavior problems, or functional deficits, stemming from mental health disorders interfering with the child’s personal, family, educational, vocational, or
community adjustment. Treatment selection and focus of interventions are based upon each child’s primary diagnosis and level of functioning. These services generally include psychiatric and clinical services, therapeutic supervision, and teaching problem-solving and independent living skills, behavioral strategies, age-appropriate activities, and other authorized treatment approaches.

Residents are encouraged to act as mentors and role models to younger peers entering the program. Services generally cover a period of up to 12 months

Eligibility criteria include:

  • children/adolescents ages 7-17 with an ICD-9-CM diagnosis and functional/behavioral problems not related to cognitive or developmental disabilities
  • medicaid eligibility
  • children who have reached a maximum benefit from a more restrictive setting or who have tried and been unsuccessful in a less restrictive setting
  • having been enrolled in an SED or EH educational program or scored 50 or below in the Axis V: Globe Assessment of Functioning Scale within the last 6 months
  • suitability Assessment by a Qualified Evaluator and an Authorization for Therapeutic Group Care (for dependent children only)
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